2017 Archive

  1. Stretching Micro Metal Particles into Uniformly Dispersed and Sized Nanoparticles in Polymer, Li X, Javadi A, Zhao J, Cao C, Pozuelo M, Yang Y, Hwang I, Lin TC. Scientific Reports 7 (1), 7098
  2. Size Distribution Estimation of Three-Dimensional Particle Clusters in Metal-Matrix Nanocomposites Considering Sampling Bias, J Wu, Y Yuan, X Li. Journal of Manufacturing Science and Engineering 139 (8), 081017
  3. Nanoparticle-induced unusual melting and solidification behaviours of metals, C Ma, L Chen, C Cao, X Li. Nature communications 8, 14178
  4. Transient Temperature and Heat Flux Measurement Using Thin-Film Microsensors, J Zhao, H Li, H Choi, C Ma, W Cai, JA Abell, X Li. Ultrasonic Welding of Lithium-Ion Batteries
  5. Manufacturing of Al-TiB2 Nanocomposites by Flux-Assisted Liquid State Processing, A Javadi, C Cao, X Li. Procedia Manufacturing 10, 531-535
  6. Scalable manufacturing of 10 nm TiC nanoparticles through molten salt reaction,C Cao, W Liu, A Javadi, H Ling, X Li. Procedia Manufacturing 10, 634-640


PhD Thesis

  1. Scalable Manufacturing of Metal Micro/Nano Wires and Particles by Thermal Fiber Drawing from a Preform, J Zhao. UCLA
  2. Scalable Manufacturing of Metal Micro/Nanowires and Applications by Thermal Fiber Drawing Method, I Hwang. University of California, Los Angeles