download 2019.09.11 [News] SciFacturing researcher Dr. Jason Lin realized the successful laser addictive manufacturing for Al with the help of nanoparticles! >>Read more about Jason Lin. >>Read more

download 2019.08.26 [News] SciFacturing researcher Dr. Chezheng Cao breaks the ceiling of metallurgy for nanocrystalline via slowing cooling with nanoparticles! >>Read more about Chezheng Cao. >>Read more

download 2019.07.16 [News] SciFacturing researchers Qiangguo Jiang, Chezheng Cao, and Tingchiang Lin successfully toughen glass using nanoparticles! >>Read more about Chezheng Cao and Tingchiang Lin. >>Read more

download 2019.01.23 [News] Nanotechnology enables engineers to weld previously unweldable aluminum alloy! Read more with the below sources:

UCLA Newsroom       UCLA Samueli Newsroom     Phys.Org

AZO-Nano                                                Green Car Congress

EurekAlert!                 Nanowerk                                             ECN

download 2018.12.11 [Activity] Graduate student Jie Yuan passed his PhD Qualifying Exam! Congratulations, Jie! >>Read more about Jie.

download 2018.12.10 [News] PhD student Maximilian Sokoluk has his paper officially accepted by Nature Communications! Congratulations, Max! >>Read more about Max.

download 2018.10.5 [Activity] PhD student Chezheng Cao finished his PhD thesis defense! Congratulations, Dr. Cao! >>Read more about Chezheng Cao.

download 2018.6.20 [Activity] PhD Candidate Zeyi Guan joined 2018 NAMRC Conference on behalf of SciFacturing Lab. >>Read more about Zeyi Guan. >>Read more about NAMRC Conference.

download 2016.11.10 [News] Xiaochun Li : Smart Manufacturing at UCLA is a hub of a $140 million national effort >>Read more

download 2015.11.23 [News] UCLA researchers create exceptionally strong and lightweight new metal >>Read more