download 2021.05.14 [News]  Why and how nanoparticles could eliminate hot cracking issues in Aluminum alloys is made clear for the first time! >>Read more about this paper.

20210514-Hot cracking

download 2020.12.05 [Activity]  Graduate research assistant Gongcheng Yao have successfully defended his PhD thesis! Congratulations to Dr. Yao for his marvelous achievements during his PhD study! >>Read more about Gongcheng Yao.

download 2020.09.06 [Activity]  Graduate research assistant Zeyi Guan and Maximilian Sokoluk have successfully defended their PhD thesis! Congratulations to Dr. Guan and Dr. Sokoluk for their marvelous achievements during their PhD study! >>Read more about Zeyi Guan and Maximilian Sokoluk.

download 2020.05.12 [Activity]  Graduate student John Betha is announced Outstanding MS in Mechanical Engineering, UCLA! His MS thesis title is “Gas Tungsten Arc Welding of Aluminum Alloys with Nanocomposite 4943 Filler Material”. Congratulations, John!  >>Read more about John’s thesis.

download 2020.03.16 [News]  “Metal’s New Age — A Breakthrough in Metallurgy Has Vast Implications for Manufacturing Lightweight Products”, reported by WELDING PRODUCTIVITY MAGAZINE. >>Read More.

download 2020.02.27 [News] Nature Communications has issued the post-publication Article Metrics for “Nanoparticle-enabled phase control for arc welding of unweldable aluminum alloy 7075”. It received 11256 pageviews since its publication in @NatureComms last year!  >>Read more

20200227-NC Impact

download 2020.01.20 [News] Research summary titled “Nanotechnology meets metal fabrication” at SciFacturing Laboratory is reported and featured by the FABRICATOR, one of North America’s leading magazines for the metal forming and fabricating industry. >>Read more

download 2019.09.11 [News] SciFacturing researcher Dr. Jason Lin realized the successful laser addictive manufacturing for Al with the help of nanoparticles! >>Read more about Jason Lin. >>Read more

download 2019.08.26 [News] SciFacturing researcher Dr. Chezheng Cao breaks the ceiling of metallurgy for nanocrystalline via slowing cooling with nanoparticles! >>Read more about Chezheng Cao. >>Read more

download 2019.07.16 [News] SciFacturing researchers Qiangguo Jiang, Chezheng Cao, and Tingchiang Lin successfully toughen glass using nanoparticles! >>Read more about Chezheng Cao and Tingchiang Lin. >>Read more

download 2019.01.23 [News] Nanotechnology enables engineers to weld previously unweldable aluminum alloy! Read more with the below sources:

UCLA Newsroom       UCLA Samueli Newsroom     Phys.Org

AZO-Nano                                                Green Car Congress

EurekAlert!                 Nanowerk                                             ECN

download 2018.12.11 [Activity] Graduate student Jie Yuan passed his PhD Qualifying Exam! Congratulations, Jie! >>Read more about Jie.

download 2018.12.10 [News] PhD student Maximilian Sokoluk has his paper officially accepted by Nature Communications! Congratulations, Max! >>Read more about Max.

download 2018.10.5 [Activity] PhD student Chezheng Cao finished his PhD thesis defense! Congratulations, Dr. Cao! >>Read more about Chezheng Cao.

download 2018.6.20 [Activity] PhD Candidate Zeyi Guan joined 2018 NAMRC Conference on behalf of SciFacturing Lab. >>Read more about Zeyi Guan. >>Read more about NAMRC Conference.

download 2016.11.10 [News] Xiaochun Li : Smart Manufacturing at UCLA is a hub of a $140 million national effort >>Read more

download 2015.11.23 [News] UCLA researchers create exceptionally strong and lightweight new metal >>Read more